5 tips for choosing the perfect lighting for your home

The lighting has been gaining ground in interior decoration, from being a purely functional to wield considerable influence in the latest decorative element. With these five tips for choosing the perfect lighting for your home, you can combine utility, design and style in a perfect lighting and always adapted to your home.

choosing perfect lighting

The balance is the key to enjoy lighting; therefore, you should get a perfect combination of functionality, aesthetics and expressive value of light in your home. It is not easy, but not as difficult as it sounds.

Plan for lighting as soon as possible: starting with the general

Be organized and proactive always works well, also to get a good job of lighting. Not to get lost among the different types of lighting and achieve the desired coordination, experts recommend always start by setting the general lighting, the points of light that we need in our home.

Typically opt for led lights recessed in ceilings, beams and false ceilings to illuminate from above and in general level and uniform our home, particularly areas like hallways or distributors and walkways. This type of light, as well as providing balance and homogeneity to the group, should ensure a proper and appropriate lighting for each living space.

Discover all the possibilities of current lighting
Pace with demand, the lighting world has grown considerably in both types of lamps or lights and designs and styles. In addition to the suspended lamps, floor lamps and table lamps, there is a wide range of proposals for every need.

Prominent among the new forms of lighting for its modernity and practicality, light strips, which can be LED or fluorescent lights; or lighting bars or lines of light, on which are mounted bulbs that you can zoom and move, as per your need. There are two alternatives that are full of fashion and are perfect for industrial and nordic styles, among others.

Choose lamps and type of lighting according to the room size
This seems an obvious trick, but practice says that often is forgotten. It is true that the personal taste is very important, but as much as you like big lamps, showy and of design, if your room is small and mainly has low ceilings will be making a big mistake by choosing this type of suspended light.

The light contributes effectively in highlighting a decoration or a corner of your home, but is also a source of expression that, used properly, can help you grow your home to the top as the width. The theme of the ceiling height is final: if you’ve planned a decoration that aims to make the ceiling appear higher, reducing the feeling of exhaustion has light to continue with this type of purpose. In that case, forget big lamps, better light bulbs and if put on the wall even better.

Exploits the ability of the decorative lighting
The designer lamps are not new, but what is new is that now the lamps add style and original are much more accessible to everyone, and luminaires design has an interesting low cost offer that gives you a very low budget, boast different and highly decorative lamps.

Use lighting as a decorative element is a great idea that marks as a trend and it is perfect for small spaces where decoration without function has no place, but is also ideal for large spaces where the decorative lighting gains in expressiveness and style. Choose suspended or standing light in accordance with the decorative style you’ve chosen for your home; coordinates and do not overdo the number of pieces and you will be succeed.

Controls the expression of light
It is essential that you do not lose of sight achieving the perfect lighting, an important expressive power within the spaces. According to the functionality of the space that you are illuminating, you must choose a type of light that coordinates. That is, there are lights that promote concentration, and others that stimulate creativity and work, while the higher quality lights help to relax and create peaceful environments.

Given the ability to express the light, the priority is not to choose the same type of light to the bedrooms to the living room, reading corner or your office or small study corner. A perfect resource for multi-functional spaces are auxiliary lamps and dimmer lights that allow for the most comfortable, quick and easy way to modify the expression of the lights according to your specific needs.

With these five tips for choosing the perfect lighting for your home, it will be much easier to choose lamps and lighting fixtures for your home; also, you will be sure in what to notice and what errors you must not commit.