5 Reasons You Will Want to Take out a Termite Bond

Yes, we know: termite bonds are an extra cost, which takes yet another toll on the already strained household budget. Yet, in the long run, most homeowners come to the conclusion that the effort is worth it.

termite bonds

While the issue of cost cannot be plainly outlined, since it is influenced by numerous factors, it might help to work out why termite bonds are usually a good idea. Read on to learn more about the top five benefits such coverage stands to bring you, your family, and your home.

Termite bonds make sure your home is regularly inspected

The first and most apparent reason to take out a termite bond is the fact that such a contract will effectively guarantee that your termite control provider is going to provide regular inspections. That’s what you’re paying for. By signing up for such a bond, you are making an advance payment of sorts to the pest control contractor, which establishes how often they are going to inspect your home and what kind of treatment they will be providing.

Termite bonds bring peace of mind

Termites are the most common type of pest in North America – as well as one of the most difficult to get rid of. They are exceptionally resilient and can actually digest cellulose (the fiber of wooden materials). To boot, they are also particularly silent, which makes infestations difficult to detect before it’s too late. A regularly scheduled inspection will help set your mind at ease with respect to possible infestations. When you know an expert is checking your home on a regular basis, you’re essentially paying for reassurance that your wooden furniture is safe and your wooden structural elements are sound.

Some termite bonds also come with repair coverage

A good termite bond is the kind that will also guarantee re-treatment and repair costs. It’s worth looking into whether or not your provider of choice can place such an option at your disposal. If not, shop around in your area – if the market is competitive enough, your home might just be eligible for such added bonuses. These options are usually offered to owners of relatively new homes, who can prove their home was termite-free upon purchase. Of course, repair coverage doesn’t usually cover all the costs associated with the damage caused by termites. Still, some financial relief is better than none whatsoever.

Termite bonds future-proof your home

If you’re considering selling your home at any point in the foreseeable future, you will have to ask your pest control provider for a transferable bond. Strictly nominal bonds are made out to specific owners, within a specific frame of time – but not all. Some can be transferred to the new owners, under certain terms. Similarly, always make sure your contractor is reliable: should they go out of business you might find that your new provider will not take over the responsibility of a termite bond. The same goes for contractors that decide to relocate to other areas of the country. Yet if you do sell a home with a termite bond, you can be sure that your asking price will be far more favorable than without such a bond.