5 Outdoor Lighting DIY Ideas To Brighten Up Your Summer

Now that the summer season is in full swing, many of us will be spending more time outdoors enjoying the fine, warm weather. But just because the sun goes down in the evening, doesn’t mean you have to head inside. Here are five outdoor landscape lighting DIY ideas that can help you add some illumination to your outdoor space so you can spend more time outside during the evening hours enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

outdoor lighting diy

Canning Jar Lights
Another great idea is to make your own outdoor hanging lights using empty glass canning jars and basic indoor/outdoor electrical hanging lamp kits with low wattage bulbs. Simply cover the clean canning jars with translucent glass paint. Then using a hammer and large nail (or another large tool) punch a hole in the center of each jar lid (about 1-inch). Then simply insert the light cord fixture inside the jar and plug in the light.

Starry Tree Trunk Lights
One of the easiest landscape lighting ideas that looks amazing is to wrap tree trunks in lights. To make your own starry tree trunk lights, wrap one or more outdoor rope lights around a tree trunk. You can also use strings of battery-powered white lights as well. These strings of smaller lights also are ideal for wrapping around outdoor potted plants or trellises.

Glowing Light Orbs
Using round, glass lamp shades filled with strings of ordinary outdoor mini lights, you can really brighten up all those dark corners of your outdoor space. The great news about this project is that it’s super easy to do and only costs about $3 per light. Consider putting these lights on a timer so they come on each night at dusk.

Birthday Hat Lights
Colorful strings of birthday party hat lights are ideal for hanging up around a patio or under table umbrellas for nighttime parties. Simply cut the base off cone-shaped birthday part hats, poke some holes in the hats using thumb tacks and then wrap the hats around string lights and secure.

Illuminated Walkways
Using low voltage landscape lighting fixtures that push into the ground, you can brighten up the walkways around your home. This is a great way to show off your gorgeous yard at night and to keep your family and guests safe. Just be sure to space the stakes properly for a uniform appearance and greater curb appeal.