5 keys to choosing the best technique to paint your home

Perhaps you seek to give a new life to your home or simply try to clean up and clean the walls; in any case, before starting, you should assess these 5 key to choose the best technique to paint your home and avoid mistakes.

best technique to paint

With brush, sponge, cloth or dry brush, these are just some examples of the different tools you can use to paint the walls of your home, achieving different finishes: smooth, stucco or textured walls, among many others.

What to choose? Choosing the best way to paint and decorate the walls of your home depends on various factors, basically you have to consider these 5 key to choose the best technique to paint your home:

The type of wall or walls, status and needs
It is not the same things with walls have already previously painted that with new walls… Moreover, the state of the walls, their height, their righteousness… definitely influence whether one or another technique looks better or worse and can be done more or less comfort, or even be strongly discouraged.

As a general rule, the more irregular and lower walls are not suitable for smooth finish and bright accents. It is best to go for a technical with rough finishes as the textured that conceals the imperfections of the wall.

The brightness of the room and type of use of the different rooms
It is the key to choose the technique, such as the color and type of paint, prior knowledge of the use that will be given to the room, as well as its brightness or type of lighting. The walls of kitchens or bathrooms, for example, require specific paintings and smooth and simple finishes facilitating cleaning and preventing moisture.

The lounges, bedrooms, hallways, corridors are ideal places to opt for artistic painting techniques and more original and different, in addition to shine more finished, maintenance will be easier.

Although most of paints and tools are available in home centers at affordable prices, it is also true that some of the most special painting techniques needed professional instrumental as machines and pistols, in the case of textured or dithering.

Therefore, before choosing one or another technique of painting to the walls of your home you need to be realistic with your budget and then stick to the techniques that are at your fingertips. In general, the most economical are those requiring rollers, brushes, sponges or rags which require being.

Time that you can or want to devote to paint your house
A very important aspect to evaluate is the time that you have, the organization to paint an entire housing is essential to guarantee the best results and avoid you bouts of nerves and anxiety. Bear in mind the time and previously inform preparation, execution and drying time needed on each painting technique.

Some specialties such as marbled require different layers of paint, painted details and a top coat to seal the result, representing an estimated fairly broad realization.

Style you want to give to the house or to the room
Obviously each painting technique offers a different effect that matches one or another style. For example, if the idea is to give the house a young, practical and simple atmosphere, nothing likes smooth walls. For the more traditional homes, the coating or the classic textured can be ideal alternatives.

The most artistic and chic homes look different finishes and different ways of painting in each room, adapting to the use and the latest fashion.