5 ideas to take advantage of the entrance and the hall of your house

No matter how big or how small our house is, we always missing gaps where store things. Therefore, it is important to optimize the space and devise corners that help us to organize a home little better.

entrance of house

One of the best forms of organizing is to help with hallway and entry of the house. Thus, not saturate the rest of the rooms and give a more welcoming touch to the house from the same door.

Racks and shelves
It is the eternal solution to every corner of our house. In the case of the entry much more, because it is also very comfortable to leave shoes and hang coats without taking up too much space.

Donkeys and Hangers
If our house has a more modern look or even a more industrial feel, we can place donkeys as the tents or devise original hangers with ropes or chains to give a touch more personal to the entrance, while the organized.

“Office” in common area
If our house is not very big but has a large hall, can place a small table and chair to place a mini “office”, decorating the wall that we have the table with magazine racks or corks that order our work.

The mirrors are perfect for these areas, enlarge the spaces, give a sense of greater brightness and also allow us the last look before leaving home.

Original Storage
If we want to continue giving it a modern and original touch to our house, the vintage style is unique for that, so the retro suitcases, old wine boxes and wooden crates will be the best way to store things that we did not use daily, but that we need to have saved for later. Decorate and store all in one, it is easier than it seems.