5 ideas to decorate your garden, terrace or patio with solar lights

Join the renewable energies and give the exterior of your house an ecological and original light with solar lights. There are so many possibilities and varieties that you’ll have difficult to choose only an idea, because all are perfect for creating unique environments.

When night falls in your garden, you do not have to compromise on style and decoration, because you can use solar lights that will come into action as soon as it starts to darken and that will cost you very little and will have a zero consumption of energy.

solar lights garden

There are many possibilities to incorporate solar charging lights on your patio, terrace or garden as evidenced by these 5 examples. Choose the one you prefer for your home or the one that best suits your needs and enjoy all the advantages of this type of element as current.

Light trails
One of the most common and common uses of solar lights is marked, light and narrow paths in the gardens. For this application you have a variety of suitable lighting elements; from the simplest to the most sophisticated and stylish. For a small size garden, the classic picks of light that are stuck in the ground and illuminate the top are perfect and very economical, you can also use them in different points, since that are installed with ease in a matter of seconds. You’ll find them in all styles: classical, minimalist or modern and sophisticated designs to suit your taste and the style of your garden.

Floating lights
One of the latest trends, although it takes a couple of seasons in booming, are floating lights. If you have pool, pond or some space with water in your garden, you can bet by floating solar lights, you get a much more original and unique garden, and also gain in safety because the water area will be plainly visible and illuminated with this type lights. For special celebrations or events you organized in your garden, choose floating heart-shaped lights or areas of different colors, for example, to print exclusivity to your night event. If you don’t have where to float this type of lights, do not worry, placed beautiful containers with water in strategic places in the garden and bet on small floating candles.

solar lights patio

Indirect lighting for intimate and warm spaces
There are a variety of solar lights with large and modern designs, but also classic, minimalist, exotic or natural. This type of solar lamps is ideal for lighting outdoor spaces for rest and relaxation as porches or garden. Choose to complete the decoration of these places standing identical and coordinated lamps on table that can fit between deckchairs, sofas or on small ledges that you have on the outside. You will find proposals in plastic or paper, but also in natural materials like wicker, hemp or light wood well suited for this purpose.

Flower pots, limiters or small bright fences
These types of elements are perfect for large gardens or patios of modern and current style. The bright flower pots are usually placed in pairs and wide spaces, and since they show the more size have and the more space illuminate around it. Choose for them tall shrubs and spiky tropical trees or whenever the weather allows it. The bright billboards are the latest trend of solar lights for garden during the day are loaded and used to define spaces as small orchards or gardens and at night, illuminate completing its function with comfort and no expense to you.

Hanging decoration
There are small solar lights and lines of light, perfect for making specific decorations for special events. You will find light garlands with simple lanterns to illuminate parties. Small light fixtures with original and very romantic shapes like hearts, stars or fireflies to hang shrubs, plants, trees to create an original and very unique overnight atmosphere. In the specialized centers in lamps and lighting, you can find a variety of these elements to make hanging decorations for your yard or garden.

Solar lights are inexpensive, have zero consumption and minimal maintenance, which makes them perfect for your garden, patio or terrace. There are a variety of shapes and styles so you can use them to decorate without limitation.