5 essential tips to renovate living room

You spend many hours in your living room is normal that is the area of the house that are more boring to watch, but with a little updating, you will see with new eyes, especially if you dare to innovate.

The lounges deserves its own personality and have details that excite you; functionality and aesthetics can and should give a hand in decorating a room, but if you do not know how, these tips will help you:

renovate living room

Mix styles, do not combine homogeneous form, but coordinates
The eclectic trend that takes in recent seasons seems simple to interpret, but it is not so. The first thing is to forget to put, for example, curtains, pillows, matching upholstery… big mistake. Choose basic colors for upholstery and play with cushions, for example, to include fun or very risky print that need not be similar or in pattern, but yes in form. It is not to create uniform spaces, but the balance is necessary.

Minimalism, but not empty
It is true that open and wide spaces with few things, yes, but with furniture, just right and necessary one. The sofa is essential, also a table … but, auxiliary furniture consoles or bedside tables, no. Check the furniture in your living room and get rid of what does not have a functional use or renew it, you can also find a place in another area of the house.

Are you sure you have all the light that need your living room?
The importance of light, both natural and artificial, in a room and the lounge is key. Make sure that your living room is well lit; there should be no shadows or spaces without light, it is important to get the most out of the entries of natural light. Avoid curtains or bet by translucent blinds, if you need privacy. Think of the functionality of lights, both direct and indirect.

Do not forget the details
Maybe you’re thinking of giving a functional and Nordic touch to your living room, it is a good idea, it is fashionable and is a style that can be easily adapted to many types of rooms. But eye with detail and personality, cannot turn your living room in a totally neutral space. If you do not have a very large lounge, take advantage of the walls to make simple decorations, but original; vinyl or compositions with pictures are very good alternative.

Measures and simulates
For redecoration of living room or if you’re going to paint and/or buy some new furniture, do not forget to take measures, but precisely and taking into account all the elements. It is not uncommon to put a table at home, collides with a door or blocks the passage to the armchair.

These tips are going to help avoid mistakes of style and decoration, and interpret the different trends correctly and functionality, never lose sight of the living room is a space of continuous and daily use so it is important not to lose sight of the quality and resistance of the elements and materials that you choose for your living room.