5 economic ways to decorate your balcony

You are just in time to discover these 5 economic ways to decorate your balcony and ending with the excuses that each spring and summer preventing you from enjoying the outdoor space that you have available in your home. Let’s do it!

decorate your balcony

It is obvious and even this first one can seem slightly original of 5 economic ways to decorating your balcony, but the balconies or terraces that are very small and especially the city, demanding and always grateful for a touch of nature. To really small spaces, consider covering the soil with tapestry green carpet that mimics lawn, it is very cheap, but the effect is very grateful, at least for the spring and summer season. As for flower pots, search ideas of hanging gardens and uses the vertical dimension.

Zen minimalist style
It never gets old since came from the east and it is a very economical way to give a different touch to your balcony. Line the floor with wood or similar: there are ideal and very low prices for outdoor use. Decorate a corner with white stones or combines black and white, and looking for the form that the element of water is represented. If you have room, it features a wooden armchair and textile white colors or earth range. For nature, uses bamboos and/or succulent that in addition to resistant, provide balance and comfort.

If your balcony is too close to the view, do not worry: DIY centers you will find very economical alternative to cover your outer space of prying eyes. Among the most common and practical, cane panels or vegetables such as bamboo that can place quickly and easily around the perimeter of your balcony, winning in privacy that will allow you to get higher performance. Then you can place a comfortable chair and/or a small table type tray and you can enjoy your balcony and relax.

Color to the spring
If you find yourself full of vitality and energy, you want a terrace full of color and floral print. Although much depends on the space and the use you give to the balcony, in general, bet by painting the color of the railing, flower pots and any accessory such as watering cans or metal chairs. Cover the floor with carpets, small rugs, brightly colored prints, and do not forget to decorate the wall with grinders of colored paper that you can do yourself.

Enjoy night
The hot summer nights in the city are perfect to enjoy your terrace and do not need more than to have some proper lighting that you can place the easiest way in the roof or ceiling, or as paper lanterns on a shelf or ledge. If you have room, preparing a romantic lighting to enjoy with your home balcony. The candles are inexpensive and perfect for this small space and sporadic use.

Let your imagination and go beyond these 5 inexpensive ways to decorate your balcony, which demonstrate that the budget is not the most important when it comes to getting the most out of your home.