5 decorating ideas for bedroom walls

Our bedroom is our temple, the place where we rest after a long day of work, in which we feel comfortable and where, even sleeping, more time spent. Therefore it is very important that we decorate our taste, personally and looking for that point that makes it different from other rooms.

ideas for bedroom walls

The walls can be the main element to create an environment on which turn the rest of the decor.


The vintage style is back with great force, and the wallpaper is one of the basics of this style. We can choose to place only one wall, paint the top and leave the bottom with wallpaper, combines different wallpapers or place only in the area of the head. Either option is valid!

Neutral colors
If we like the delicate details and minimal style, the best option is to choose wallpaper painted in neutral colors or paint in those tones. To add the finishing touch to the bedroom we can place an original headboard or pretty frame onto the bed to let them see the bottom of the wall.

Wood is another material that always looks good in a room. A good way to use it is by putting wood frieze on the walls, which will provide much-needed warm and friendly touch in a bedroom.

polka dot wall

Polka dot
If what we are looking for is a pop touch and have a bold character, polka dot is the best way to decorate our bedroom. White walls with giant black polka dot and white furniture with details in lead is an irresistible combination.

And how could it be otherwise, we also have the opportunity to decorate a bedroom with romantic style. We will praise for walls in dusty tones, nude, pastel pink or any other color. It is perfect to combine with white furniture and neutral textiles, and includes details of Baroque style.

Each of these ideas will be ideal for a certain type of personality; sure some is perfect for our bedroom.