2013 summer colors in decoration

With the arrival of summer, the color makes its formal appearance and becomes the real protagonist, especially the decoration. Because innovations in the colors do not always have to be on clothes, your house should also be trendy and full color.

summer colors

Seasonal changes cause multiple sensations, and sometimes colors help us to overcome difficult times and give a twist to our life, it seems that we have remained stagnant.

The white color is always trend
Give a twist to home decor to know what the 2013 summer colors will help us to see life differently. The trend is always white, is a neutral shade that allows us to combine with hundreds of colors and also brings a touch of freshness and lightness, but also gives us a touch of peace and serenity as well as breadth and clean feeling.

The pastel shades have also made their way into the trends this summer. The light pink, the turquoise, yellow or emerald tones can combine with neutral colors like white or with touches of color more intense.

Mix intense tones with pastel shades
And indeed, if we talk about the intense colors, the most prominence acquired this summer is indigo blue, very striking reds and oranges or peaches.

These are the colors that are responsible for providing the dose of energy and vitality and placed in specific rooms; bring a touch of extraordinary personality.

If you do not want to paint this summer, the same colors can be used for textiles, which also bring style to our home and it will not be too big an investment.

Remember when combining colors we should be clear what the rooms, space and light that count, not to turn the room into a site that gives the impression of being much smaller.