10 Clever Ways To Create More Surface Space in Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen have very little surface space? Do you struggle to prepare food on your miniscule kitchen worktops? Before you give up on cooking in your kitchen altogether consider some of the ways you can create extra surface space (without getting a brand new kitchen or knocking down a wall). We can’t all have the workspace we would like, and many savvy kitchen accessories companies have recognized this. Thankfully there are plenty of products and clever tricks that can help.

create space in kitchen

Here are 10 clever ways to create more surface space in your kitchen.

A simple yet very effective strategy. The more stuff you clear away from your work surfaces the more space you will have. Clear out your cupboards and throw away things you don’t need, this will give you more space to store things rather than putting stuff on countertops.

Put a chopping board over your sink
You can buy wooden or plastic chopping boards that go over your sink. They allow you to chop up food over your sink without taking up space elsewhere. Some chopping boards that go over your sink also have an additional dish rack to save even more space.

Placement of appliances
Think about where all your appliances are placed. Can you put things like your microwave elsewhere. Hefty kitchen appliances can take up a lot of unnecessary surface space. If you don’t have anywhere else to store them consider whether you really need each appliance and whether you could survive without it to create more space.

Foldable surfaces
You can buy foldable surfaces that give you additional space to work on. You can get them out when you need them and then simply fold them away. Some can be attached to walls and other stored under drawers so that they can be pulled out when needed.

Mount things on the walls
Instead of putting kitchen utensils in pots and pans on your work surfaces mount them on the walls. This will free up a huge amount of space and also help you to declutter.

Off the countertop dish racks
These dish racks can be hung anywhere in your kitchen. Dish racks that are placed on worktops take up a lot of space. Keep your dishes neatly stacked in an off the countertop dish rack.

Stand alone kitchen trolley
Get a kitchen trolley so that you can have access to extra storage whenever you like. Some kitchen trolleys also come with extra work space so that you can use them to prepare food.

Get a kitchen island
If you have enough floor space in your kitchen then you could always consider getting a kitchen island. This will add a great deal of added surface space and provide an extra surface for you to work on. If you don’t want to invest in a static kitchen island then you can also get movable ones which can be moved out of the way when not in use.

Use every bit of wall space
Instead of placing things on countertops build kitchen cupboards and cabinets upwards. Use all available space, this will create a lot more storage.

Get a foldable kitchen table
It’s nice to have a kitchen table where you can sit down and enjoy meals. However, some kitchen tables can take up far too much room. Get a foldable kitchen table to provide an extra surface to use as and when you need it.