Decorate the home with blue tones

Traditionally, blue has been used to decorate the children rooms. However, this trend has evolved into other forms of decoration, and today blue combined with other colors and is used in other rooms. Therefore, we speak about how to decorate your home with blue hues. The blue is one of the three primary colors, so […]

Decorate white walls

Do not be carried away by the idea that the white walls are bland and modern. We know that the color of a wall is important to define the style of our room, but also depends on other factors such as simply placing a picture, mirror or foil. Although you may believe that white is […]

Ideas for applying magnetic paint

Do not you know the magnetic paint? It’s a new way to decorate the walls of our home to give the original touch that we seek. There are different types of paint that can give us a lot of play when creating different atmospheres at home. One is the chalkboard paint and another magnet, of […]

How to paint exterior walls

An exterior wall is not painted in the same way that the interior walls of a home. Also, when painting a wall have to previously check its state as it had some damage as cracks or damp. It is important that we carry out this first review, because it will influence the type of painting […]

Paint the walls black

When some years ago someone spoke to paint the walls black we looked the hands to the head, however, today it has become a trend in the home. If we know the accessories, furniture and the rooms in which we must do it, paint the walls black give a distinguished and unique touch to our […]

Be careful with strong colors

By the time we decided to paint our house, one of the options by which we can decant is to give our rooms a lively atmosphere, modern, painting the walls with bright and bold colors. And if we say “daring” do not say in vain, as it is always a very risky decision, we have […]

A quick and attractive technique for your walls: sponge painting

If you want to give a different look to one of the rooms in your home, or just you’re tired of seeing the same wall and want something different, but you’re not willing to spend much time or money, there are several options that you can decant, techniques that are cheap and easy. One of […]

Colors used in the home and define the personality

The colors are elements that determine the character or personality of a person and for women is much more important to reflect their emotions and feelings through primary or secondary colors, which may reflect even in home decoration. The colors have always had some sort of meaning, and for girl is no exception, because depending […]

Decorate your home with neon colors

When we consider the decor of our house, one of the first things we think about is color. Today we want to know a new option, neon colors. When talking about the neon colors are referring to the intense colors, fluorescent, very bright, such as lime green, yellow, salmon, and a variety of red or […]

2013 summer colors in decoration

With the arrival of summer, the color makes its formal appearance and becomes the real protagonist, especially the decoration. Because innovations in the colors do not always have to be on clothes, your house should also be trendy and full color. Seasonal changes cause multiple sensations, and sometimes colors help us to overcome difficult times […]