Cork walls: Why not?

Perhaps you’d never raised a wall with cork liner or coating the floor with this natural material, but the truth is that it can be a very good idea; if for example, you need to isolate a thermal and acoustic room. The nature of the cork explains its essential virtues, to be composed of polyhedral […]

How to prepare a wall for painting

Cleaning or change of style, if you’re going to paint in your home, the first thing you should know is how to prepare a wall for painting, although not complicated, it is a definitive step so that the final result is expected. The state of the wall that you have to paint, as well as […]

5 keys to choosing the best technique to paint your home

Perhaps you seek to give a new life to your home or simply try to clean up and clean the walls; in any case, before starting, you should assess these 5 key to choose the best technique to paint your home and avoid mistakes. With brush, sponge, cloth or dry brush, these are just some […]

Common mistakes when choosing a wall color

A thousand times after thinking what would be the color of the wall that would better be in the room, once painted we have realized that we have not succeeded at all the effect we were looking for. Making mistakes when choosing the color of the wall is very common. We usually choose shades that […]

7 Benefits of House Painting

If you wish your home to become more homely, lively, and attractive, you should paint it matching colors because house painting can transform your house and affect your feelings and behavior. For many, owning a home is their long cherished dream and also their biggest investment. The old or new, both types of houses require […]

How to combine neutral colors

To create a perfect environment it is necessary to start from the base, and that base is definitely the color. Everything revolves around them and if we don’t use them properly, by lots of light, space, quality of furnishings and good taste that we have, can be a disaster. The first thing to know is […]

5 decorating ideas for bedroom walls

Our bedroom is our temple, the place where we rest after a long day of work, in which we feel comfortable and where, even sleeping, more time spent. Therefore it is very important that we decorate our taste, personally and looking for that point that makes it different from other rooms. The walls can be […]

Colors for painting small flats

Small flats can be cozy and wonderful if we know how to decorate. However, unlike what we think a priori, decorative items and furniture‚Äôs are not the only thing to keep in mind to avoid feeling cramped within a few meters. The ideal colors to paint a small flat are one of the key points. […]

How to combine wall in red color

Red is a color that load us up, full of strength and joy. Moreover, in recent years it has become one of the perfect tones for the decor of our home. So today we will learn some tricks to combine red walls in our home. Red has a wide range of shades, from the more […]

Decoration with cream color

The cream is a color that gives us different feelings at home. Today we want to offer some tips to know what other colors combined and in which rooms can use it. In decoration, the cream is considered as one of the basic colors for combination with other bright tones and natural colors. How to […]