The 5 Hottest Heating Saving Myths

Grab the blanket and get comfortable on your sofa because we are going to tell you the most common truths and lies about saving on heating! If you are putting some false advice into practice, do not worry, it will be between us. Likewise, we will tell you what beliefs do work so that ending […]

How to apply concrete to home decoration

In a continuous search for new materials to dress households, concrete has gotten inside the home; it is no longer only the skeleton of the buildings and is now applied in the decoration of the home. Do not worry and discover how you can welcome the concrete at home, also forget your prejudices and pay […]

Make Your Relocation Easier and Effortless

Relocation is no doubt a cumbersome process, especially when we have to shift every single thing from our old place to the new one. An office or a home, when moved from one location to another, requires lots of attention, care as well as patience. The situation becomes more difficult as the distance increases. Just […]

Mistakes to avoid when decorating a home

If you are clear about what you want to style your home, you just have to be sure you will not fall into the mistakes to avoid when decorating a home; reviews the list and then set off to decorate your home. Being too strict with styles Have it very, very clear: you’re a fan […]

7 proposals to change the look of a room

A new season and you’re bored of seeing the same room, it longs to you for a new panorama, but no change in substance and without investing a lot of money, and it is possible with these seven proposals to change the look of a room. The details are the key and on many occasions, […]

Tricks to make our house always smells good

Cleanliness, order and proper ventilation are the foundation of a healthy and comfortable home, but if you want an extra addition to your home even more pleasant, discover these tricks so that your house always smells good. Unpleasant odors are sometimes installed in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the bedroom; and give an […]

Save on heating and cooling during the storm

The proper use and maintenance of heating and cooling our homes should be an annual task. However, there are times when we should just pay more attention, for example, in extreme situations, or for contingencies and special weather events climates. Here Columbus heating and cooling give some tips for maintain as stable as possible the […]

Tips for caring wood flooring swimming pool in winter

The swimming pools are one of the greatest pleasures we can count on a home, however, we must not only be concerned for their maintenance during the summer months. There are many factors that influence their resistance and that is in perfect condition to get the hot months. One of the big problems is the […]

Tricks for a small room look larger

Not everyone blessed with huge houses with plenty of meters to decorate and leave them as houses of the magazines. However, we need not resign ourselves to have a small home, and then we can do it to have a somewhat larger appearance. You just have to know some tricks of decoration. Although a priori […]

Use of natural light in winter

In winter, between the time change, rainy or cloudy days and the sun goes down very soon, just have natural light. Therefore, we want to tell you some tips so you can take full advantage. To take advantage of natural light in winter, we have to play with home decoration and color. Textiles, furniture and […]