5 ideas to decorate your garden, terrace or patio with solar lights

Join the renewable energies and give the exterior of your house an ecological and original light with solar lights. There are so many possibilities and varieties that you’ll have difficult to choose only an idea, because all are perfect for creating unique environments. When night falls in your garden, you do not have to compromise […]

Exterior Lighting Ideas for Your Home or Office

Lighting can transform the interior of your home or office, making it appear bigger and more inviting. You may not think about it, but lighting can do the same thing for the exterior of your home or office. With the right choices, you can increase the curb appeal of your home to sell it faster […]

5 Outdoor Lighting DIY Ideas To Brighten Up Your Summer

Now that the summer season is in full swing, many of us will be spending more time outdoors enjoying the fine, warm weather. But just because the sun goes down in the evening, doesn’t mean you have to head inside. Here are five outdoor landscape lighting DIY ideas that can help you add some illumination […]

Tips to illuminate the terrace

In summer, the terrace of our house becomes one of the most important parts of our home. So we must pay equal attention to its lighting than to the rest of the rooms. This is a way of making use of spaces that the rest of the years are almost rendered useless. In the terrace […]

Patio Lighting

Lighting your patio or deck has certainly come a long ways since it began. The basic essential back then was a few bulbs or a small round fixture screwed to the deck to light it up at night when the dark hit. It drew bugs, it burned out and it wasn’t reliable. Today’s lighting of […]

Types of Outdoor Lighting

Ambient lighting Lighting that provides illumination in an overall area with and offers a level of light that is comfortable to everyone using it. In outdoor situations, ambient lighting brightens a patio for eating or entertaining, or an entry way for safety and security. Down lighting The source of the light is above the object […]