5 Tips to Extending Your Living Space Outside

Your home does not need to be confined inside, especially if you have an existing patio, balcony, deck, or veranda. If you are fortunate enough to have an outdoor space, then you definitely want to read on to find out simple ways to spruce it up. Install Good Lighting Once you install good lighting outside, […]

6 Ways to Make Your Home Look Awesome for the Summer

Summertime is the time to redecorate the interior and exterior of the property. There will be some mandatory cleaning, of course, and after that you will need to re-do the look of the house. Get rid of the thick curtains of the winter and the dusty cushions. Summer is the time to make your home […]

7 Ideas to install your outdoor lounge

It’s time to enjoy the sun and nature, if you are lucky enough to have a balcony, patio or similar in your home with these 7 ideas to install your outdoor living room, you run out of excuses. Low cost If you do not have time or money to create a new outdoor living do […]

Decoration for outdoor events

With the arrival of warm weather, all those lucky enough to have a garden at home begin to plan events and parties with family and friends. However, the question comes to us in almost all of these events is how we can decorate outdoors. Well, it’s time to learn the best tips and tricks to […]

Textiles decoration for your garden

In the same way that we worry about dressing up when the season changes and really dominant in the clothing stores for the latest information, we must also bear in mind that there are trends that we can continue to make our perfect home decor. The textiles are very important in the decoration of a […]

Tips to illuminate the terrace

In summer, the terrace of our house becomes one of the most important parts of our home. So we must pay equal attention to its lighting than to the rest of the rooms. This is a way of making use of spaces that the rest of the years are almost rendered useless. In the terrace […]

7 Exercises of Home Exterior Designers

What grabbed your attention, searching for your current home? Was it (initially) the home’s exterior, helping one judge what awaited inside. People and appraisers think similarly. The home’s exterior makes a first impression, contributing to the overall cost of the home. How much should you invest in your exterior and landscaping? Discuss your options with […]

Characteristics, types and care of outdoor rugs

Rugs are one of the elements that more comfortable and welcoming make a home, however we are used to always place them inside, what happens if we do outdoor? Today we want to know what are the characteristics, types and care of outdoor rugs. When we talk about outdoor rugs are not talking about the […]

Personalize your garden

Spring has arrived and the countdown begins for the summer. Gradually the sun accompanies us every day for what we want more and more spending time in the garden reading, chatting or enjoying the sun. When planning your garden, it is very important to try to be a continuation of the style you have in […]

Plants for outdoor decorating

If we are lucky enough to have a garden or a space more or less comprehensive to have plants can be taken into account as a part of the decor of our home. Outdoor plants serve to decorate and, in turn, give freshness to the interior of our house. Outdoor plants are generally strong and […]