Tricks to gain light without windows

Light is essential in a comfortable house with more or less natural light: the key is to multiply the light with which you count and invite it to enter the bottom of your house. There are no excuses for not to enjoy natural light at home, since until the smallest of the entries of sun […]

5 tips for choosing the perfect lighting for your home

The lighting has been gaining ground in interior decoration, from being a purely functional to wield considerable influence in the latest decorative element. With these five tips for choosing the perfect lighting for your home, you can combine utility, design and style in a perfect lighting and always adapted to your home. The balance is […]

Lighting Tips for Entertainment Centers and Media Rooms

Internet and satellite TV bundles will give you everything you need to connect to television shows, live sporting events, movies and streaming services. But the setup of the entertainment space is up to you. The television is always the main focus, as it should be; however, many people overlook one of the most important design […]

Ideas to illuminate the lounge

Although natural light is the most advantageous, the reality is that few rooms enjoy all the light we need in a natural way, therefore, it is best to seek ideas to illuminate the lounge in the simplest way. The lounge is a multifunctional space in almost every home and especially in the flats shared by […]

Decorate with copper lamps

Although for some time it seems that copper is left a little side decoration, giving priority to other materials, these past few seasons has regained its prominence. And it’s easy to be molded has become the perfect material to create a multitude of decorative elements. Today we will focus on a very special use of […]

Extravagant lighting solutions for your home

All too often, homeowners view lighting solutions as merely perfunctory products. Of course, these items do serve a crucial practical purpose. However, there’s much more to them than this. There is now an array of interesting illuminations on the market for you to take advantage of. With a little imagination, you can help to bring […]

Types of lighting in the home

Lighting is essential to creating environments. In addition, for very wonderful to be decoration, if a stay is not illuminated properly, not we look it as we had thought. To enjoy the decor of our home will need to find what the lighting that best fits each stay is. But it is not only important […]

Types of bed lamps

Many of us like to enjoy a little bit of reading in bed before sleep. However, this can be dangerous for our eyes if we do not choose the right kind of light. For this it is essential to know what types of bed lamps on the market and what are the most appropriate for […]

Information about Brief History of Chinese Lanterns

Given that ancient times, Chinese hanging lanterns have symbolized a variety of essential cultural events and actions. They’ve stood for celebration, hope and rejuvenation at the same time as played a crucial function in everyday existence and important rituals. They’ve also been employed to facilitate communication using the heavens, signify ceremonial actions and commemorate festivals. […]

Add Modern Lighting to Your Redesign Plans

If you are thinking about performing a redesign of rooms in your home or your office, you can get a lot accomplished without spending a fortune. With a little imagination and a small budget, you will be amazed at how you can create a new and sparkling look with a little preplanning and some smart […]