White kitchens

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, to say that is the most important. It is the place where we gather to eat, but also for a chat or drink coffee. Therefore, the modern kitchens, besides seeking functionality, light and spaciousness, actually they are looking into a cozy space. One […]

Fascinating Budget Renovation Tricks For Your Kitchen

The kitchen has to be the most exciting renovations we can take on at home. It is a functional space that makes use of all the latest technology and yet must retain a superior aesthetic quality. The bad news is that they take quite a bashing over the years and can soon start to look […]

Decorating a L-shaped kitchen

One of the most important areas of the house is the kitchen, and precisely for this reason we must think how much we’ll do the distribution and type of decoration that we will give. Because there are some peculiarities in size and general shape of the kitchen, today we’ll focus on one of the kitchens […]

Romantic style kitchens

As a general rule, when we think of a romantic decor think bedrooms with a huge bed full of cushions, pastel shades, very feminine details, etc. But this form of decorating is not unique to this part of the house. Other rooms where we spend more time is the kitchen, and therefore we must take […]

Low cost ideas for decorating the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house and therefore it is worth to decorate it in the best possible way. Do not think that you need to make large investments; today we bring you some low-cost ideas to decorate the kitchen. We all like to make changes to the decoration […]

Original kitchen doors

The kitchen is a room that supports a large number of decorative styles. Even the proper door of the kitchen may have a style that is more risky than the rest of the doors of the house. The kitchen is a place in which we must enter and exit continuously and, on many occasions, with […]

Materials for kitchens: Wood

Traditionally it has been ruled out the possibility of adding wood in the kitchen, because this material is very resistant to heat and moisture. But currently there are oils and other accessories that address the lack of strength of wood in certain situations. If our house is located in the field or we just have […]

Types of flooring for the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house where we spend more time, but also one of the places need stronger materials when subjected to repeat cleaning throughout the day. One of the parts that suffer the most is the floor, so today we want to know the soil types for the kitchen […]

Decorate the kitchen furniture with little budget

We often think of renovating the kitchen furniture and do not have money to throw away the idea at the time. But there are some alternatives that allow us to give the furniture a new look without changing it and with very little budget. Eager and some materials that can be found cheaply, it is […]

Form and Function: Beautiful Built-in Kitchen Wet Bars

Home decor trends, like fashion trends, appear to be cyclical in nature. One of the hottest trends in home decor at the moment is the addition of a full-size, built-in wet bar, either near the kitchen or entertaining areas. From the late 1960s to the early 1980s, having a wet bar was considered a “must” […]