How to make a functional Hall

The hall of our home is a letter of presentation, not only of our house, but of ourselves, as the decor that we chose says a lot about us. But the design of the lobby, we have to be practical, as well as aesthetics, so today we review how to make a functional hall. By […]

5 ideas to take advantage of the entrance and the hall of your house

No matter how big or how small our house is, we always missing gaps where store things. Therefore, it is important to optimize the space and devise corners that help us to organize a home little better. One of the best forms of organizing is to help with hallway and entry of the house. Thus, […]

Tips to make hallway look larger

There are many houses that despite not having many square meters are as well used and distributed to giving us the feeling of being wider than in reality. This is due to the game that gives light and placement of different elements. So today we are going to give some advice for the hall of […]

How to decorate the hall!

The first thing you see when you enter a home is the foyer or hall. In many homes, there is a stay as such which is then distributed by the other rooms of the house. In contrast, other floors, which is usually done is to use a space to locate the entrance hall. Entrance hall, […]