Decorate with metal pergola for garden

Take the whole game to the pergola playing with different types of plants, with ambient lights and textiles or shade systems to create a design that suits and the function that you want to give the outdoor structure. In the summer, having metal pergola for garden is essential. With them you can create a corner […]

How to gain privacy in the garden without losing style

If you have the right resources, you can gain privacy for your garden without losing style or having to invest a big budget; just throw a little imagination and creativity, betting on simple, but effective resources that mark character. Intimacy in open and outdoor spaces such as patios, gardens or terraces is a highly valued […]

Pros and Cons of Getting Artificial Turf

Gardening is no easy task, and looking after your outdoor space can often take up a lot of time. If you’re getting tired of always having to maintain your garden and lawn, switching to artificial turf could be the best option for you. With benefits for homeowners in many ways, artificial grass today is barely […]

How to organize a wedding in your garden

Intimate, personal and exclusive weddings are all the rage; if we add that the outdoor spaces are perfect for weddings and your garden is the site you’ve always dreamed of, to work. Thanks to the services of current entertainment and dining at home is much easier to organize any event at home, including a wedding […]

5 ideas to decorate your garden, terrace or patio with solar lights

Join the renewable energies and give the exterior of your house an ecological and original light with solar lights. There are so many possibilities and varieties that you’ll have difficult to choose only an idea, because all are perfect for creating unique environments. When night falls in your garden, you do not have to compromise […]

Organize around the garden

Green front yard The cities are rightly called as the concrete jungles several decades back and not without a reason. Wherever we go around a metropolitan city, all that we can get to see is concrete buildings and any greenery is looked at with awe and surprise. Would it not be wonderful if we had […]

Bright Ideas For Lighting Your Garden Or Yard

When you are looking to tidy up your garden or outside space, you may want to spend a little time thinking about how it could be used first. Many of us are looking for ways to enjoy what we have in more interesting ways. You may have a family and want the kids to play […]

6 Silly Garden Decor Mistakes To Avoid

How often do you use your garden space? When people stop loving their garden, they stop using it. Don’t let space go to waste. Take the time to fix it up and work to make your garden a usable area. When you decide to revamp your garden, you will need to address some of the […]

Textiles decoration for your garden

In the same way that we worry about dressing up when the season changes and really dominant in the clothing stores for the latest information, we must also bear in mind that there are trends that we can continue to make our perfect home decor. The textiles are very important in the decoration of a […]