How to hang a picture?

Whether a work of art that you hang on the wall, such as a poster or a framed, the important thing is how you have to do so, i.e. the distance, height, stay where you think to hang it, etc. All is very important in this case so we clarify a number of questions for […]

How to Power Clean so that You Can Spend More Time with Your Family

The house has to be cleaned, but family deserves time too. It seems that neither can be sacrificed at times, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By cleaning the house in effective faster methods, there is more time to be spent with the family. Power cleaning uses efficient and consistent systematic processes to […]

Find the Right Tool and Use the Right Tool For the Project

Every do it yourself project starts out with the same thing, making a list of what you need in order to complete the project. At the top of the list will always be the tools that you will need. And as you undertake and complete more and more DIY projects, your list of available tools […]

Tips For Cleaning Oriental Rugs

For a sophisticated touch or exotic flourish for your home, oriental rugs are a great choice. Having an oriental rug in a room will significantly change the look and feel of the space. Oriental rugs, despite the name, usually refers to rugs produced across a large geographical spread from Iran and Turkey through India to […]

Tips to clean the refrigerator

The refrigerator since its invention, has preserved food longer, previously had to be purchased and consumed immediately, such as meat and dairy products and now with the invention of frozen food, we can have more variety of them without having to go daily to the market or grocery store. But for it to work properly […]

How to make imitation marble

One of the materials that are better in certain types of decoration and some surfaces are marble. But sometimes we can not afford, either because of their high cost or because we do not want to renew the furniture, and we only wish that seemed of such material. Therefore, we are going to teach a […]

Clean your hardwood floors and keep them as new

For those who have hardwood floors at home, know that these are so beautiful and delicate. That is why to keep them properly and should be extended to consider several tips that will definitely help you keep them like new. Wood is one of the most difficult materials to clean, as these tend to absorb […]

Paint tiles

If we do not have the economic possibility to change the tiles completely, paint is a good start to give a new look to this part of our home. To do so, we must only be driven by the imagination, combining colors, textures and patterns. Steps to paint the tiles The first is to thoroughly […]

Placing shelves

Shelves are a very useful resource when it comes to decorate and maintain an orderly environment. The shelves built in on the walls are usually quite cheap and do not allow you to take advantage that spaces are not used. At present, can be found in different materials and colors, making them ideal to match […]

How to place linoleum flooring

Linoleum floors are available in a wide range of colors, textures and finishes, achieving warm environment with its own characteristics. Linoleum floors are ideal for both external and internal environments, and very easy to maintain and clean. Its placement should be performed by a professional, in the case of acquiring it in sheets, but if […]