Do you know how to decorate a mirror?

Few houses survive without mirrors are functional and decorative elements that are essential in everyday life. Knowing how to decorate a mirror for the bathroom or other spaces, will allow you to style your home. Do you need a DIY idea to renovate a bathroom mirror? Here you have DIY mirror frames that you can […]

Geometric patterns on the tiles to give your bathroom a new look

Are you getting bored every morning to see those white tiles in your bathroom that don’t tell you anything? Then get down to work. The geometric patterns on the tiles are the latest DIY idea to give a new look to your bathroom. If you had the good sense to put white or a light […]

How to engage a mirror on the wall

It is possible that you are appearing engage a mirror on the wall if you are carrying out a reform in your bathroom and do not know how to do it. No doubt this is the best time to undertake this reform, especially if it is a large mirror, because it is very difficult to […]

How to hide nails and screws in a cabinet

DIY details are essential to get a professional job and know how to hide nails and screws in a cabinet; it will help you achieve much more polished finish on your wood works. There are different possibilities, depending on the case and need. It is very practical and useful to know how to hide nails […]

How to make furniture with cardboard boxes

More and more we are aware that we must care for the environment, but not only recycling paper or separating garbage, now also there is other “fashions” for being organic. Well, recycling has come to home decoration, but not in the way in which we knew so far, but by developing furniture with cardboard boxes. […]

Tips for decorating the house with little money

If it is already difficult to decorate a home because there are always hundreds of ideas that seem wonderful, the problem is greater when we turn to the label of the furniture that we love and we realize we have to decorate the house with little money. It only takes a little imagination and desire […]

How to place the photo frames

Place the photo frames at random is a big mistake. If we hang photo frames all over the walls of our living room, we can cause some feeling cramped. To avoid these situations, know the keys on how to place and group photo frames can be very helpful. When we have a room of small […]

Decorate doors with moldings

No one doubts the importance of decorative doors in a room; though not always pay enough attention to these elements. Therefore, a good idea can be to learn to decorate doors with moldings. However, smooth panels doors can be “customized” easily with a little paint and some trim. With some skill we can achieve the […]

Learn how to distribute pictures

The pictures are an important decorative element in the home, so we are going to teach how you should place them. The main rule, in regard to the distance that we must use between a picture and another is: the smaller is the picture, minor separation there will be between one and other. For a […]

A quick and attractive technique for your walls: sponge painting

If you want to give a different look to one of the rooms in your home, or just you’re tired of seeing the same wall and want something different, but you’re not willing to spend much time or money, there are several options that you can decant, techniques that are cheap and easy. One of […]