Tips for choosing the dining room chairs

If you sign up and put into practice these tips for choosing the dining room chairs, it will cost a little less succeed in your choice and, in addition, your chairs will meet two essential functions: practice and aesthetics. Experts in interior decoration and furniture insist on pointing out that choose the chairs in the […]

Ideas for decorating a modern dining room

Although classicism never goes from fashion, not all just convince the decorated traditionally, in one way or another, what we want is the ability to give a modern twist. Today we are going to know what the keys are to obtain a modern decoration in our dining room of a form much simpler than we […]

Different types of table for the dining room

Choose the table for the dining room should be an easy and pleasant task, but it can become a real headache when you consider the number of models and combinations on the market. The first thing we must to know is what different types of table for the dining room and once we know them […]

Decorate a small dining room

The decoration of a room does not mean that we look only in the color of the walls; the idea is to harmonize entirely a space in which to do so pleasing to the eye, and above all, the use that we’re going to give. Therefore, in this article we give you some tips to […]

The dining room between kitchen and living room!

As we prepare to organize the house, one of the questions we are most comes to mind is whether to place the dining area in the living room or kitchen. In many cases, the distribution of our house, we have no alternative other than to put the dining room in the living room. But, if […]