Can I install a hanging bed in my house?

You do not need much budget or more space than you have, if you want to install a hanging bed in your bedroom. Do not miss the opportunity to turn your room into a design space. Thinking about a hanging bed can lead to scenarios of luxury and unattainable magazines of decoration, but nothing further […]

Create lofts to take advantage of space

The cabinets, drawers and trunks are good for organizing clothes and other belongings, but we always need more capacity to store our things. The lofts are a perfect choice to maximize space. We tell you how it can be created. If you have a house with high ceilings, accounts with part of the upfront work, […]

Popular decor trends for your home

Decorating your house is an exciting yet time-consuming task. In order for the house to look welcoming, you have to furnish it with the perfect pieces and choose them wisely. Mismatched furniture or wrong pieces might make the whole place look messy or untidy. Over the past couple of years, home decor has grown into […]

5 ideas to decorate your garden, terrace or patio with solar lights

Join the renewable energies and give the exterior of your house an ecological and original light with solar lights. There are so many possibilities and varieties that you’ll have difficult to choose only an idea, because all are perfect for creating unique environments. When night falls in your garden, you do not have to compromise […]

Easy home decor ideas

Every house needs furniture and decor to make it come alive and look appealing, both to the inhabitants and the guests. The decor also needs to be updated constantly from time to time in order for the place to retain that freshness and vibrancy. There are many ways you can add some life to your […]

Tips for decorating your first home

The excitement and desire, in addition to the limited budgets, tend to be normal conditions when decorating a first home. With these tips for decorating your first home, you will achieve no mistakes, make use the maximum of your money and enjoy an exclusive atmosphere. Although you will probably leftover ideas, also very easy to […]

Why Have a Garden Room?

There are lots of options available when it comes to adding space to your property. You can add an extension; you can convert the loft or you can even transform the garage. But one of the simplest ways to add space to the house is to have a garden room. But why have a garden […]

Round or square mirrors. How to choose them?

You are already sure that you want mirrors in your new house decoration, but perhaps debate between round or square mirrors. How to choose them? Apart from personal tastes, there are trends and recommendations that will help you in your selection of the perfect mirror for each place. There are many types of mirrors, almost […]

The black color for decoration is going strong

There is a color that is always in decor, but few dare to add, it is the black. However, the black color for decoration is going strong and if you know how to use it will bring style and fashion to your home. Leave behind the prejudices, open your mind and, especially, your home to […]

Ideas for decorating with cactus

If you like plants but don’t have much time or you were not born to devote to gardening, we propose a series of ideas for decorating with cactus, a great plant that will bring nature and freshness to your house and will be the icing on the decoration. You will only have to place it […]