Upholstered headboards: Tricks to renew

It does not take much time or budget to give new and current upholstered headboards to have left to look for old age, lack of fashion or damage to the use. The trick is to know how to repair or change. Since some years ago Headboards have gained importance in a bedroom and above all, […]

Decorate your bedroom like a 5 star hotel

The rooms of the best hotels not neglect any detail to provide a maximum degree of comfort and warmth to their customers, but if you discover their tricks, you can get to make your bedroom a five star haven. It can happen that, sometimes, we neglect our bedroom decoration giving priority to other rooms of […]

Types of auxiliary lamps for your bedroom

Auxiliary lamps in the bedroom rather than a complement are an obligation, are very practical and useful in all cases, but especially if you have the habit of reading in bed, for example. In the market there are a great variety of auxiliary lamps can be perfect in a bedroom, remember also, not stick only […]

Bedroom decor essentials

A Bedroom has to be one of the most important rooms in our house as we spend quite a lot of time there. Like every room in the house, the bedroom needs special furniture and appropriate decor in order to function at its optimum best. Australia is slowly becoming popular not only in fashion but […]

Creating a comfortable and elegant bedroom

The bedroom in which we rest all night should be an oasis for us, i.e., it must become a place of relaxation where we can escape the pressures of the day of rest. But, how can we create a space to feel comfortable but at the same time is an elegant space for the enjoyment […]

How to choose the perfect wardrobe for your bedroom

Most likely, in the locker room is the centerpiece by size, price, use and design; it is important to ascertain and know how to choose the perfect wardrobe for your bedroom, so that will be practical and also beautiful. Buy a wardrobe for your room, it can be stressful and if you rush you can […]

Create a romantic style bedroom

Although it is updated and renewed, the romantic style never goes out of style. Create a romantic style bedroom is simple and only requires a few key details that will create the sweet and cheerful atmosphere that envelops the entire romantic style. Not everything is pink, although it is true that to create a romantic […]

Strategizing the Right Bedroom Design

If you plan to redecorate your home, you should take note to keep your attention to the correct decorating scheme. Pick cooling neutrals on your bedroom walls, floorings and spaces to give a backdrop on which to form a attractive look. Then bring in fixtures, such as bed linen, pillows, rugs and wall art fixtures […]

The importance of bedding in the bedroom decor

Gone are flannel sheets that put us our mother so we don’t go cold during the winter. Those warm sheets did not stand precisely for its good taste, but it is something that in recent years has changed, and the bedding is as equally important to decorate the other elements of the bedroom. And it […]

Bedroom with ethnic style

The bedroom is probably one of the places in the house in which the personality is expressed most clearly through the decoration. If ours is adventurous, open, fun and with a taste for something different, a bedroom with ethnic style, undoubtedly, will be the ideal. Precisely because be the furthest thing from Western culture, inspiration […]