Shower or bathtub: What to choose?

The choice of bathtub or shower is often conditioned to the size of the bathroom, however, you must also think about the advantages and disadvantages of each of the pieces. Shower trays are designed especially for homes where there are elderly people, because of their difficulties at the time to be addressed in a bathtub; […]

Geometric patterns on the tiles to give your bathroom a new look

Are you getting bored every morning to see those white tiles in your bathroom that don’t tell you anything? Then get down to work. The geometric patterns on the tiles are the latest DIY idea to give a new look to your bathroom. If you had the good sense to put white or a light […]

How to engage a mirror on the wall

It is possible that you are appearing engage a mirror on the wall if you are carrying out a reform in your bathroom and do not know how to do it. No doubt this is the best time to undertake this reform, especially if it is a large mirror, because it is very difficult to […]

Stone sinks for cozy bathrooms

If you want a different piece that brings personality and style to your bathroom, stone sinks are a very valid option that you should look, because, among its great advantages, you will find that are current and versatile. The stone has always been among the materials used in decoration and is not far from a […]

Make your bathroom more luminous with light colors

Not only it is possible to make your bathroom more luminous with light colors, but in addition, it is recommended for the bathrooms more small and without natural light or with very little sunlight. Although light colors are not your favorite, in the case of the bathroom then, without doubt, the contribution of light that […]

Decorate the bathroom with stones

The decoration of rooms and bathrooms as used has been taking prominence in recent years, taking care of every little detail and seeking innovations that make them increasingly attractive. Indeed, one way to decorate a bathroom that achieves very elegant results is to do it with stones. This small detail can get a complete turnaround […]

Tips for reforms bathrooms with little money

The bathroom is one of the rooms where we spend more time daily, use is constant and we must always keep it in perfect condition because it is where we managed. We often think of reforming the bathroom, but do not always have the time, or even worse, with enough money to cope. The need […]

Types of mirrors for bathroom

We are not always aware of the importance of some decorative elements, as they are always there; it seems they are not important. However, they are essential to maintain a decorative coherence. Choose mirror for the bathroom is a complicated task, there are many options: closet mirrors, round mirrors, lighted mirrors, large mirrors, small mirrors… […]

Decorating bathrooms, what we do wrong?

When we decorate our bathroom we can make two very common mistakes. The first is to focus on usability without offering decorating the bathroom, which then makes it an uncomfortable place without space to store things or conversely, do the opposite. We want to be comfortable and tidy but giving up the decor. However, two […]

How to decorate small bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom, you might think that you do not have enough space to store towels, creams, shampoos, paints, etc. But you’re wrong! Because you just need a good organization. To decorate a small bathroom simplicity and good order is essential. So attends well because we are going to tell you the […]