5 economic ways to decorate your balcony

You are just in time to discover these 5 economic ways to decorate your balcony and ending with the excuses that each spring and summer preventing you from enjoying the outdoor space that you have available in your home. Let’s do it! Nature It is obvious and even this first one can seem slightly original […]

A Moroccan style terrace

Increasingly, to the time of decorating a home we are looking for small corners in those who feel that we travel to exotic places. The decorations were more successful in recent times have been the oriental style. Today we will talk about Arabic or Moroccan style decoration, but for our terrace. The truth is that […]

Decorate small balconies for good weather

Those who are fortunate enough to have a balcony at home, with the arrival of summer want to make the most of. But to relax and enjoy the most important thing is to decorate well, especially if it is a small balcony. It was time to decorate the balconies to give a little more life, […]

Trends to decorate the terrace in 2014

Gradually appear sunny days remind us that in a few weeks and much longer reach full days of light to enjoy our terraces. Today we want to talk about the trends to decorate the terrace in 2014 and give a twist to the summer decoration. If we are fortunate to have a large terrace or […]

Closed Terraces

One of the areas which certainly enjoyed it more at home is the terrace. If we have it, one of the questions we should ask ourselves is the subject of close, by the many advantages that this represents. Of course, it is so that we can open it when we are interested. On the terrace […]

How to decorate small terraces

The terrace is one of the favorite areas of any home, however, when we have few meters we have to optimize the space to make the most of it and enjoy it 100%. Today we tell you how to decorate small terraces. Although our terrace has a few square meters, we can use this space […]

What flowers to put on your terrace?

Every year you are walking down the streets of your city and see the balconies or terraces that are so beautiful with flowers and always ask yourself why you have not put flowers. Well this year, you don’t ask it, and put flowers on your terrace and balcony. This article will talk about what plants […]

A garden in my balcony

With spring just around the corner and the temperature quickly getting warmer, it’s time to spruce up your balcony. Just like everybody else, I really love spending time on my terrace, especially during the spring and summertime. The reality of it though is that a terrace or balcony is not very big. However, you can […]

Adapt your summer terrace!

There are very few days we move fully into the summer and that is why it is necessary that we adapt our home in order to be able to enjoy everything that the warmer months we can offer. In this case, the terrace plays a key role, so today we bring you a lot of […]