How to organize a wedding in your garden

Intimate, personal and exclusive weddings are all the rage; if we add that the outdoor spaces are perfect for weddings and your garden is the site you’ve always dreamed of, to work. Thanks to the services of current entertainment and dining at home is much easier to organize any event at home, including a wedding […]

Popular decor trends for your home

Decorating your house is an exciting yet time-consuming task. In order for the house to look welcoming, you have to furnish it with the perfect pieces and choose them wisely. Mismatched furniture or wrong pieces might make the whole place look messy or untidy. Over the past couple of years, home decor has grown into […]

From Lighting to Decor: Giving Your Kitchen a Fresh New Look

Many people shudder when they think about the process of updating and refreshing their kitchens, thinking large costs and long time periods, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Whilst ripping out your whole kitchen and starting again may seem like the only solution for creating a fresh new look, it isn’t. You’d be […]

Geometric patterns on the tiles to give your bathroom a new look

Are you getting bored every morning to see those white tiles in your bathroom that don’t tell you anything? Then get down to work. The geometric patterns on the tiles are the latest DIY idea to give a new look to your bathroom. If you had the good sense to put white or a light […]

How to apply concrete to home decoration

In a continuous search for new materials to dress households, concrete has gotten inside the home; it is no longer only the skeleton of the buildings and is now applied in the decoration of the home. Do not worry and discover how you can welcome the concrete at home, also forget your prejudices and pay […]

5 ideas to decorate your garden, terrace or patio with solar lights

Join the renewable energies and give the exterior of your house an ecological and original light with solar lights. There are so many possibilities and varieties that you’ll have difficult to choose only an idea, because all are perfect for creating unique environments. When night falls in your garden, you do not have to compromise […]

Bedroom decor essentials

A Bedroom has to be one of the most important rooms in our house as we spend quite a lot of time there. Like every room in the house, the bedroom needs special furniture and appropriate decor in order to function at its optimum best. Australia is slowly becoming popular not only in fashion but […]

Revamp Your Old Office to Make It More Functional

In a city like Melbourne, an office building, which is technologically improved and modernised, holds much importance to attract the attention of employees and clients. Add to this, you must be agreeing with the fact that a healthy workspace actually helps the employees to work with more energy and passion. So, before setting out to […]

Cork walls: Why not?

Perhaps you’d never raised a wall with cork liner or coating the floor with this natural material, but the truth is that it can be a very good idea; if for example, you need to isolate a thermal and acoustic room. The nature of the cork explains its essential virtues, to be composed of polyhedral […]