Kitchen with concrete countertops

The industrial style decor is becoming one of the most widely used decorative styles of the past decade. What initially began as the style used in shops and restaurants, has been moving gradually to households. The kitchen is one of the spaces that enjoyment has taken them not only aesthetically, but also a practical level. […]

Decorate house with chevron stripes

The decor is increasingly risky, classicism combined with striking features that make spaces personal and original places. For those who love to innovate, decorate the house with chevron stripes can become a real success. These stripes are those having inverted V-shape following a series (zigzag). Although a priori may seem to be too burdensome or […]

Tips for caring wood flooring swimming pool in winter

The swimming pools are one of the greatest pleasures we can count on a home, however, we must not only be concerned for their maintenance during the summer months. There are many factors that influence their resistance and that is in perfect condition to get the hot months. One of the big problems is the […]

Decorate with copper lamps

Although for some time it seems that copper is left a little side decoration, giving priority to other materials, these past few seasons has regained its prominence. And it’s easy to be molded has become the perfect material to create a multitude of decorative elements. Today we will focus on a very special use of […]

10 Clever Ways To Create More Surface Space in Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen have very little surface space? Do you struggle to prepare food on your miniscule kitchen worktops? Before you give up on cooking in your kitchen altogether consider some of the ways you can create extra surface space (without getting a brand new kitchen or knocking down a wall). We can’t all have […]

Kitchen with chocolate color

Chocolate is the bane of many, but not always have to fatten us, especially if we are surrounded by it. This is the case of chocolate-colored kitchen decoration, as they have perfect pitch to combine with other much clearer, providing a welcoming touch to our kitchen. The range of colors that integrates the chocolate is […]

The importance of bedding in the bedroom decor

Gone are flannel sheets that put us our mother so we don’t go cold during the winter. Those warm sheets did not stand precisely for its good taste, but it is something that in recent years has changed, and the bedding is as equally important to decorate the other elements of the bedroom. And it […]

Do I need permission to build a retaining wall?

If you are thinking of placing a retaining wall Columbus retaining walls given several steps that help make the project run smoothly and that no cause disagreements with your neighbors. Building Permits Construction of a retaining wall along your property line requires research and planning. Follow all codes and regulations of state and municipal or […]

Organize around the garden

Green front yard The cities are rightly called as the concrete jungles several decades back and not without a reason. Wherever we go around a metropolitan city, all that we can get to see is concrete buildings and any greenery is looked at with awe and surprise. Would it not be wonderful if we had […]